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     South Of Eden Billy The Kid
                       DOB 4/5/17
                  Polled Buckling

Dam: Woody Glen G Jamocha Fudge

Sire:  Trotting C Farm Billy Joel

Dams Dam: The Warrior Mountain Pr Leela
Dams Sire: Lil Carolina Kids Guchi

Sires Sire: Trotting C Farm Gideon
Sires Dam:Buffalo Creek Farm CM Hannah

We are currently offering 2 of our Registered Alpine Does for sale- possibly bred to our registered Nigerian Dwarf buck for Mini-Alpine kids. We would prefer they go together but will consider all options. $350/each but if sold together they will be $325/each. Please contact us for pics and pedigree info. 
​We do not have any Nigerian Dwarf goats available for sale at the moment, HOWEVER, we are expecting kids from Woody Glen Jamocha Fudge and Heaven's Hollow Honors Edge around March 10, 2018. Run Joey Run My Brotherskeeper is also bred to Heaven's Hollow Honors Edge and these kids should arrive June 28, 2018. Please contact us by phone at 423-676-0868 (call or text) E-mail @southofedenfarms@gmail.com or messaging through Facebook if you'd like to reserve a kid from either breeding. We are currently offering stud breeding services to herds that can provide test results of a clean, disease-free herd. If you are interested in breeding services, please contact me for more info. 

              For Sale

                                                             SALES POLICY

:  A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit in the amount of $75.00 made via Paypal, cash or check, will secure your purchase. Weaned kids and/or adults, must be picked up within 30 days, otherwise, a boarding fee of $2.00 per day will be incurred. For purchases of kids made prior to weaning, kids must be picked up within 30 days of weaning, unless special arrangements have been made- otherwise, incur a boarding fee of $2.00 per day. 
If the goat has not been picked up after 45 days, the buyer will lose the deposit and the goat will be relisted for sale. We reserve the right to cancel sales for any reason. If we cancel a sale because we've decided to retain the goat, your deposit will be refunded. 

The balance of the purchase price must be paid IN FULL at the time of pickup. The balance can be paid in cash or through Paypal- however, in order for us to accept a check for the remaining balance, it must be received at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled pickup date. 

Reservations:  If you would like to reserve a kid from a future breeding, please contact us via text, phone, email or our Facebook page, and we will put you on a wish list. Once kids are born from your desired breeding, a deposit will be required to hold the kid. If a deposit is not received, kids will be available on a first come, first served basis. 

Thoughts on purchasing from us

We are a small, family farm. We decided we wanted to be more self-sufficient and we wanted FRESH milk, so rather than purchase a cow- we decided on dairy goats. They're entertaining, easy to handle and the milk is DELICIOUS!

In order for us to meet our own needs for milk, we have to breed our does every year. This means we will inevitably have to sell some of the kids, and we will occasionally sell adults as we try to make room for younger stock. 

As of this writing, we do not "SHOW" our goats. One of our biggest concerns with showing is that there is a BIO-SECURITY RISK. If showing is important to you, by all means, show your goats.

Be aware that there are a lot of excellent, show quality breeders who do NOT show their goats, so don't be fooled into thinking that a ribbon makes a goat more valuable than one without a ribbon. 

While we can certainly see the value in showing, showing is NOT a performance measure and we would much rather focus our efforts on better understanding performance programs likelinear appraisalsandDHIR testing so that we can participate in those programs. We are breeding for DAIRY qualities- which will also lead to show quality, for those interested in showing. 

We aren't aiming to be pet goat breeders. Our goal is to produce TRUE dairy animals. If we have a "cull" that doesn't meet our expectations in terms of milk production, they will be sold without papers in an effort to prevent watering down the quality of the registered market goats. 

As breeders who aim to produce goats that can PUT IT IN THE PAIL, we do not breed for eye color or coat color, but there are certainly plenty of breeders out there who do. 

There are also breeders who DON'T milk their does. As a result, they have absolutely no idea which direction to take their breeding program from one year to the next. If I have a doe who is lacking in terms of production, I need to know that so I know to breed her to the buck who is most likely to help ensure that her daughters are NOT mediocre producers.  Just the same, I can't know whose teats have tiny orifices, or who my best milkers are coming from if I am not gauging the production of my does. I DO milk my does and I intend to participate in DHIR testing in the future, but in the meantime- I keep track of their production for my own records. 



     South Of Eden The Entertainer
                       DOB 4/5/17
                   Polled Buckling

Dam: Woody Glen G Jamocha Fudge

Sire:  Trotting C Farm Billy Joel

Dams Dam: The Warrior Mountain Pr Leela
Dams Sire: Lil Carolina Kids Guchi

Sires Sire: Trotting C Farm Gideon
Sires Dam:Buffalo Creek Farm CM Hannah

Sire's Pedigree
Trotting C Farm Billy Joel

** Sire: Trotting C Farm Gideon

Sire's Sire: Wooly Dog Down Amarillo

Sires Dam: Buffalo Creek Farm CM Honey

**Dam: Buffalo Creek Farm CM Hannah
Dam's Sire: Three Graces LD Chestnut Magic
Dams Dam: Crookedcedar Farm C Tabitha

Dam's Pedigree
​Woody Glen Jamocha Fudge

**Sire: Lil Carolina Kids Guchi

Sire's Sire: Lil Carolina Kids Versace Tune

Sire's Dam: Trilogy Ranch Rb Annika

**Dam: The Warrior Mountain PR Leela 

Dam's Sire: Kids Corral PB Phantom

Dam's Dam: Sgm RB Kaleidoscope

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