Coffee Mugs, T-Shirts, Bumper Stickers and more!  

You'll need buckets for water, in the barn and in the pasture. These are the kind we use.

Having a camera in the barn is something I highly recommend. It is one of the best purchases that I've made for the farm. I bought it in anticipation of kidding season, but I use it everyday. 

It allows you to check on your animals from anywhere! You can pan and tilt with this camera and it has night vision, audio and zoom.

​I've been very pleased with this camera. I have a cheaper camera that is stationary, but this one is so much more useful. 

Deborah Niemann has thoughtfully articulated a guide to raising goats based on her many years of experience. I bought this book after it was recommended time and time again by established goat breeders. I read it cover to cover within a few days and still refer back to it. I appreciate having a thoughtful, informative guide on hand.

A scale is extremely important. You need to be able to get accurate weights when dosing medication and dewormer. We have used this scale for several years and find it works for most of our needs at a reasonable price. 

Add these to your kidding supplies so that you're able to clear the airway of newborn kids. 


In addition to having loose minerals available at all times, goats need copper. Many parts of the country are deficient in copper, so copper bolus is recommended for goats once per yr. Be sure to confirm dosing recommendations with your vet, Too much copper can be toxic.

If you are new to goats, you may be wondering what sort of stuff you need in order to get started. We thought it would be helpful to share a few of the products that we use around the farm.  Should you happen to purchase any of these products via our links, we may receive a small commission from Amazon, however, we are recommending products that we intend to use or have used without any incentive. We are recommending these products because we know they are useful on the farm. Hopefully we will save you the trouble of searching for useful products.  

Stuff You Need 

You'll need a place to put all of that fresh goat milk. These glass jars are awesome. 

and some stuff you might want.

If you're planning to dis-bud your goats, this is the go-to-dis-budding iron for Nigerian Dwarf goats. Many people go with the 1/2 inch tip but others use the 3/4 inch tip.  

AKC Registered & Health Tested Anatolian Shepherd's and ADGA Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats for sale
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Goats need their hooves trimmed regularly. These will do the trick. Be sure to wear thick gloves when trimming to minimize the risk of cutting yourself as these are very sharp. 

Nigerian Dwarf Goats For Sale

             Did you know there's birth control for goats? 
We purchased a medium-sized buck apron and we were so impressed with it. We wanted to try them on our buck kids, so we requested that the manufacturer send us 2 more. Check out the video of one of our buck kids wearing his apron.